Blogging rules

1. Only use first names.
2. Remember our e safety rules & never share personal info
3. Write clearly & carefully – no text talk !
4. Always re read and check your work before you post

Dig Deep – Lead Sheet

27 thoughts on “Blogging rules

  1. i wanna be a blogger but anyway this is so coool 🙂 i like the way u set the blog out and WOW nice pic!!!! 🙂

    • Yes. I have emailed Mrs Schofield to ask her to add you

    • why do you want to be a blogger shawn$100000000000000. (shawn)

  2. I really liked the video of all the homework about the ring around the world project and I recognised some of it from my class.

  3. Absolutely! Artwork created on the computer, photos, drawings and paintings all welcome!

  4. This sounds like a wonderful project – how exciting!
    I wondered if artwork designed on the computer eg in 2Paint a Picture, was also acceptable? Good luck everyone,

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