About Kara

Hi Everybody
I am 9 yrs old .My birthday’s in June the 20th.I am from England. I have 1 really annoying brother his name is Francis.My mum is called Clare and my dad is called Andrew. I have 1 cat called Mikey he’s very very fury.All my best friends say im funny and kind.i love my family and my nan


Together Dancing With Ray

Ray introduced her self and we played the name game where were all in a circle and Ray starts she steps in the circle and shouts her name with a action.Then she steps out and we all say it. Then we all go around in a circle to say our name.Then it was play.Anyway after play we got into groups then, we had to make a poster about ANGUILLA in whiteboard pen it was fun then ,one of us had to go up from each group to the the front to hold the poster up. Then we  done a freeze frame to start then a little show then a freeze frame for the end . It was lunch. After lunch we were making up a dance. IT WAS REALLY FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

4M when you do it have FUN!!!

BY Kara 4S