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Well, my name is Jeffrey and I love blogging which is a good thing to do in your spare time.Blogging is a kind of thing you can easily do that doesn’t need any HARD thinking but you have to think what you write before you post it or your blog and post will be ruined, just becasue of one little post.

My hobby is playing football and I am dreaming of being a football player in a famous team, for istance: Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Man City, Man Utd or Bayern Munich.


A Visit From Adam (EPOC)

Hello,on Friday 9th March 2012 a worker in the English Pocket Opera Company came to teach us some songs and to go over the songs,again and again untill we could get it right.We done some warm-ups before we started to sing because he said you need to warm your voice up before you use it.One of the warm-ups were called toe knee chest nut.We had to say

Toe knee chest nut knows I love him,

Toe knee knows,oe kne knows,

Toe knee chest nut knows I love him,

That’s what toe knee knows,

That’s the words to toe knee chest nut

Then we played this clapping game where you have to pass a clap around the circle and when it went around the circle a few times Adam stopped the clap by clapping facing the middle.At 10:30  we went to outside to have play.At 10:45 play finished, then we went back in the hall.Adam forgot how to do toe knee chest nut, so we showed/taught him.

After the warm-up we sang Looking up.We sang it over a few times untill Adam told us not to,Then he asked us what songs we already learnt.

And this is what some people said:

Listen to the chorus

Whty move so fast

Don’t forget tommorow

Dig Deep

Then we went over them,At exactly 12:15 we went outside for lunch.

Fifthly we learnt the Tapostry Of Life.We got used to it really quickly but thankfully we still had it.Again we went over it a few times and we got most of it,(it was only a little bit of the last part we didnt understand).

We sang all of the other songs again because we were practicing for Mrs Schneider.She was a step away from the entrance to the hall and we were ready to sing the songs for her.Then finally we peformed the songs we practiced.The practice was worth it because Mrs Schneider said it was EXCELLENT ant BRILLIANT.We were all pleased that she said that because it meant a lot to us.

She talked to us about the project a bit,then we finished.A very big thank you to Adam from EPOC because he spent the whole day with the school.He did a great job so thank you to Adam.

I really had a nice day, because we had another visitor called Ray.I am going to put a blog about her on before Saturday.

So Finally did anyone else like the day if yes just comment below and type in your answer.

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Ray’s Visit

On Wedndesday 14th March 2012 a visitor called Ray visited our school for a workshop,she was the owner of the workshop.It was for our peformance about Anguilla.Ray helped us with the dance routine and what we needed to do on the stage when we peform it.

Firstly, we done a bit of warm-ups,one of them were called(yes lets).We had to make a circle and we needed to suggest something of what we wanted to do.We had to go around the circle,after someone says we have to do something for example:jump five times without falling,everyone else had to say “yes lets”,and then we had to do the suggestion.

Secondly we went to play,then we played lots of other games Then after lunchtime Ray came again and showed us the incredible dance moves we had to do on the the stage of the peformance.

When she went we played a game with Miss Sedgewick called(“The sharks are coming”,.

Finally we got ready to go home.

The Visit Of The English Pocket Opera Company

On 23rd February EPOC came to our school and we learnt new songs.One was called Nathon,one was called Emma and one was called Adam.Adam played on the piano and he was absolutely brilliant.Miss Mcgraph was one of the volunteers and Kuharadan,Rhodie and Kara was also volunteers.Miss Mcgraph was holding flags and they were looking for the three olympic rings. At the end of the visit they said this is the best school that they had ever been to.That made me very happy because they might of went to about 100 schools and they said that we were the best.