about music

music can make you feel very relaxed or very jumpy. If its a rock song then you might get exited but if its a slow one you might fel relaxed or you might feel sad if you would like to write about some music and what it makes you feel then please leave a comment.

Learning all the ring songs

Today we spent the day with Adam .He hlped us ,learn more ring song and practised on the ones we know.

I really liked the warm up games we were playing. my favourite one was tony chestnut and i really enjoyed the other game when we passed a clap around the circle we made.

gabriella 4s

The English pocket opera company

The English pocket opera company said we were the best school they had come to. They told us that they thought that because we new some of the songs like you’ve got to dig deep, why move so fast and other songs. I was happy when they told us that. I do hope that we learn more songs and that we make the ones we already know sound even better.

Gabriella 4S