About elliemae4

My name is Ellie-Mae and. I’m in 5H. I enjoy blogging,writing and technology.

the actual performance

on thursday we went to the unicorn theatre and this is the order of how things went :

  1. we got into school.
  2. we got on the coach.
  3. we arrived at the unicorn theatre
  4. we done some warm ups
  5. we done a run through
  6. we had lunch
  7. we got ready
  8. we done the performance
  9. we got back on the coach
  10. we got back


anguillan dancing

for the performance in the unicorn theatre 4s done a dancing lesson with ray to learn what to do. we learnt the dance and acting and now we are preparing our anguillan costumes 


epoc’s adam and 4s’s great day

today adam from the english pocket opera company came to visit 4s and prepare them for their performance in a few weeks . first he played some games called pass the clap, tony chestnut and the name game  . he tought us a song called lookin’ up . then we had break for 15 minutes . when we came back we practiced  lookin’ up and why move so fast. then we had lunch and then we learnt the tappastry of life . At 2:30 we performed to mrs schnieder and she was ssssoooo pleased and then we all left.

we had such a fun day!

musical show and tell

my musical show and tell is my guitar. it is acoustic. i really enjoy playing it and have been taking classes with lisa . I know now many chords including bg,a,am,em , e , d, c and bc . i have probaly been playing it for about 3 months and i know many songs including london bridge is falling down and blue is the colour