the actual performance

on thursday we went to the unicorn theatre and this is the order of how things went :

  1. we got into school.
  2. we got on the coach.
  3. we arrived at the unicorn theatre
  4. we done some warm ups
  5. we done a run through
  6. we had lunch
  7. we got ready
  8. we done the performance
  9. we got back on the coach
  10. we got back


2 thoughts on “the actual performance

  1. Ellie mae, I really think that Mrs Scheinder is intrested about your post. I think you deserve a job well done!!!
    Anyway maybe you should put on more exciting for us to read and maybe funny things too! But just to let you know that I am not trying to be very bossy ok! 🙂
    Please write back.

  2. You have included everything in the correct order so this is a very clear account of the day’s events. Maybe you could now do a post about the different emotions you and your classmates experienced duringthe day?

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